Although Shopify stock slumped in the last 24 hours when Adobe Systems (NASDAQ: ADBE) announced the acquisition of Magento, this is believed to be a temporary effect and the stock price should sore to new highs.

North American wholesale distributor, Albany Distributing states “Magento, although widely used, is a very costly e-commerce platform while Shopify offers various plans that are much more affordable for businesses.”

Albany Distributing currently promotes the cloud-based e-commerce solution as the official e-commerce platform of choice to its customer base of thousands of resellers across the globe.

“The cloud-based e-commerce solution is a very easy to use out of the box solution even for the novice online seller. Magento is far more complicated because it is an open source product that must be installed on your own server. Setting up Magento takes a lot of time and is complicated for many merchants thus requiring a developer which adds to the already high cost of Magento.  For this reason, we think for the sake of simplicity, it is best to avoid Magento.”

One of the best things that we like about the cloud-based e-commerce solution is that our customers who are purchasing products on a wholesale level from Albany Distributing can add products from various vendors into the platform, allowing merchants to sell products from multiple vendors. This makes it easier for online merchants to offer their customers a variety of products with higher profit margins leveling the playing field.  The cloud based e-commerce solution offers chargeback protection, whereas if a customer issues a chargeback, the company will automatically issue a refund and take a loss on the chargeback itself so that merchants don’t have to spend a lot of time dealing with chargebacks, as this is a very costly task to assume.

New updates will be added as more information becomes available.