Plantronics Selling Policies

Please review Albany Distributing's Definitions and Explanations of Terms.

As with most manufacturers, authorization is not necessary to purchase Plantronics products from Albany Distributing for resale. However, Plantronics offers authorized resellers advantages that non-authorized resellers don’t receive. For instance, authorized resellers receive dedicated product and marketing support, technical advice, demonstrations, training, regular communications, demand generation campaigns, and incentives to energize their business.

All authorized Plantronics resellers, must adhere to the requirements stated in the Connect North America Partner Program Agreement, which may change with or without notice.

Albany Distributing Plantronics resellers must be properly trained on Plantronics products and features to provide technical/troubleshooting support to customers when needed. When the customer contacts the reseller claiming they have a defective product, the reseller is required to troubleshoot the issue(s), to the best of the reseller’s ability, prior to requesting an Return Authorization (RMA) for a potentially defective product. Please note, all defective products will be tested and a restocking fee will be assessed if the product(s) are found to be non-defective. For troubleshooting assistance, please refer to the following Plantronics support page. Resellers may also utilize the Plantronics Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by calling toll free 1-800-544-4660 option #5, extension 5538 or contact Albany Distributing at 1-800-296-0820.

Albany Distributing will not accept or solicit communications with any reseller’s customer. The reseller is a customer of Albany Distributing; the shipping addressees are customers of the resellers and as such the reseller is responsible for handling their questions. If a shipping addressee contacts Albany Distributing, Albany Distributing will redirect them to the reseller for assistance.

Albany Distributing offers its Plantronics Resellers 45 days on returns as opposed to its normal 30 day return policy. All Plantronics products up to 13 oz. will usually ship USPS First Class Mail and up to 4 lbs. to Canada.