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Reliable wholesaler and dropshipper


I found Albany Distributing to be highly reliable for my business. I have been in the dropshipping business for a month and found that they offer a really amazing product selection. Very pleased.

James G.

Worst drop shipper ever


absolutely terrible drop shipping company, stay away. Wholesale prices are not wholesale. I called my credit card to dispute the charge for $59 that they charge me to sign up.

Carl S.

I don’t think they are a good company or fit for my business or yours for that matter


This company obviously is not a reliable supplier. They charge you $59 to create a reselller acount and then don’t tell you that your account is approved. You have to call to get a password. Then when you do get access to the prices to see them in the site they are not wholesale. They told me becusae I didn’t provide tax ID I get retail prices till I fixed it. Nothing in their site mentions this.

Jim R.

More Albany Distributing Reviews (Continued)

Favorable shipping terms and pricing – seems like a good fit so far


I found Albany Distributing in salehoo dropship directory. I was hesitant about paying the $59 sign up fee because they don’t show prices till you pay. I signed up I was almost ready to cancel the prices were not retail. After numerous calls to them a sales rep indicated that I had not provided a valid Federal EIN tax number so my prices are set to retail until I correct this. No one mentioned anything about this, I had to actually call (4 or 5 times) before I got anyone to help me. Then I had to fill out additional paperwork wtih them after my account was “approved” to give them more information about my business. After an additional 3 days and 20 some calls later, finally managed to get pricing that was wholesale.  Prices do look very good, but if you are going to use them for kitchen appliances and any kind of household appliance, find a distributor that specializes in it becusae albany has terrible prices. Electronics/computers are good prices that I can work with, and shipping is just $5.99 for small parcel and free over $500 so there is some profit to be made. You need to be on top of them becuase they are too incompetient to properly setup your account iwth wholessale prices unless you provide a valid tax number.

Jerry F.

My Albany Distributing review: Incompetent lazy and rude prices are okay but not worth it for…


Stay away!!!!!!! RUDE as can be.  Account was approved in 24 hours but took 15 days to actual see wholesale prices. Entire time customer service is as rude as one can be to another human being. They tell you what to do and hang up and don’t answer questions. I placed a test order with them, it was not shipped same day as promised, they shipped the next day, arrived in 3 days which was good, and item was as expected. I called to ask about Amazon FBA if they can ship there with my labels and they told me to read the website and hung up on me. If you are okay with the treatment use them but they are beyond rude. Their prices just a few dollars lower on some stuff than other suppliers I deal with it, but i rather pay a few dollars more for better service than talk to these rude condescending people.

Martin S.